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While a few western media nicknamed him “bulldozer,” and one competition flesh presser in Tanzania known as him “petty dictator,” some critics have referred to as him the “Trump of East Africa.” His bullish and sadistic statements and movements have qualified him as a present day day dictator at the upward thrust. It requires an immediate local and worldwide action in an effort to arrest the scenario earlier than it worsens and destabilises the complete of Eastern and Southern Africa. In a similar way that Italy’s Benito Mussolini, Germany’s Adolf Hitler, Zaire’s Mobutu Seseseko and Uganda’s Idi Amin rose to power and used it to crash impartial notion and crumble their countries, turning their residents into topics, John Pombe Magufuli, has made Tanzania infamous for the incorrect reasons. In just three years, he has nearly efficiently attempted to replace democracy with a one-guy rule, becoming an embodiment of brutality, nepotism, authoritarianism, grand corruption, diplomatic exclusion-ism, extrajudicial killings, abductions and arbitrary torture of civilians; turning East Africa’s maximum non violent and stable usa into a police country and a “skunk of the sector.” His distorted approach to leadership and improvement, and his disregard of democracy, human rights and rule of law have turned him right into a bully that seeks non secular obedience from anybody, and he uses worry as his main tool of leadership. He terrorises the parliament, the opposition, the media, the diplomatic and international network, his own celebration, Muslims, reporters, activists, spiritual leaders, the commercial enterprise community, the judiciary and others - in a bid to establish himself as a frontrunner that need to be feared and in no way dared. This ebook exposes, via analysis, the root of this sadistic management. It digs deep into the dictator’s behaviour and management fashion. It encourages every person to stand company and overcome threats imposed through this despot. It awakens governance establishments to do their noble and constitutional project, and never allow similar errors that paved the manner for this example to be successful. The top news is that the dictator is timid and cowardly. His use of worry as a leadership tool testifies to his cowardice and lack of confidence. Proactive action from local and worldwide partners in development will help to stop the dictator from causing in addition harm - placing an cease to his autocratic rule as he seeks to increase it. There is each indication that, given a danger, he could never depart energy voluntarily. Civilised human beings do not should await that to appear. The international does no longer need some other Idi Amin in East Africa. There is not any want for the sector to look at East Africa’s most non violent country sinking into irreparable, perpetual mess because it did with Rwanda previous to the 1994 genocide. With this book, I am stepping in to provide an knowledgeable evaluation that can be a part of the answer. I am laying a ground for a further follow up and research on the matter.

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